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Easter: How to fun-update three Easter Traditions

On April 12th we celebrate the end of fasting period: Happy Easter, everyone! Of course, every country and even every family has their own Easter traditions. What they certainly all have in common: We enjoy time together with our family, eat delicious food and want to participate in some funny egg-tivities! To bring a breath of fresh air to your Easter 2020, we present you three Easter traditions with an entertaining #EnjoyTogether Twist.

Easter Egg Glow-Dyeing

People in central and eastern Europe couldn’t imagine Easter celebrations without hard-boiled, coloured eggs. They typically serve as decorations on the dining table. If you haven’t dyed Easter Eggs by yourself, we can highly recommend it! No matter if you dye the hard-boiled eggs plainly or lavishly decorate them: Turning bald eggs into bright Easter Eggs will be a blast for you and your kids! Online you’ll find unique Easter Egg decoration en masse, from glitter stickers to glow-in-the-dark colours for an Easter Egg hunt at night. We bet, there won’t be no boredom during the holidays…

Easter Egg Hunt with the Ribbon Untangle

Naturally, typical Easter traditions with eggs don’t end at that point. Your children are already looking forward to the Easter Egg Hunt during the holidays. And they are not the only ones to enjoy this Easter tradition, since you can play the Easter bunny in the first place and get to choose all those hideaways for the Easter treats, before enjoying the Easter Egg hunt together with your loved ones. 

Fun Fact: It is believed that the roots of the Easter Bunny go back as far as the 1700s. The Pennsylvania Dutch believed in the so called “Oschter Haws” or “Osterhase”, which is more or less similar to the Easter Bunny we know today. The Oschter Haws laid eggs in the grass, for which children built nests and searched for as well – the birth of the search of the Oster Haws’ eggs! But not in every country, the Easter Bunny takes care of hiding sweets. In France for instance it is believed, that flying Easter bells distribute chocolate to the children. Either way, we want to share our favourite hideouts with you. Of course, the kitchen is our spot for the hunt. Our top five Easter Egg hideouts include: fruit basket, oven, fridge, lampshade and dishwasher! 

The older your children get, the better they already know the typical Easter Egg hideaways. In this case, the “Ribbon Untangle” might be an attractive advance of the traditional Easter Egg Hunt. Assign each child a ribbon color, which they have to follow to get to their treasure. It probably sounds easier, than it actually is: You can tie the ribbon around trees, tangle it with other ones and lead your kids all around the house! 

Easter Brunch and the Egg Battle

In addition to all those self-coloured Easter Eggs you can prepare an entire Easter Brunch for your whole family – because what is better, than coming together with all your loved ones during the holidays? In Romania you’ll find the most extravagant Easter lunch of all: The traditional Easter meal usually includes four to five courses! If you prefer some simple but delicious meals for your Easter Brunch, we have some easy-to-cook recipes. And with Pril and Somat we’ve got you covered for the washing-up afterwards, too – since we don’t want you to clean the dishes forever, while you could spend quality time with your family. 

But we’re not done with entertaining Romanian Easter traditions yet. Romanians also practice an “egg battle”, which you can easily adapt for a little entertainment with your guests. Enjoy this game all together: Each round consists of knocking two hard-boiled eggs. The egg with the toughest shell wins and the loser has to eat all the boiled eggs the winner breaks –simple, but so much fun! Just try it yourself. We’re sure, in combination with our other Egg-tivities for Easter 2020 you’ll enjoy the celebrations together with your loved ones to the fullest.

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