Somat Deo Duo-Perls

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With their dual chamber system, the Somat Deo Duo-Perls® ensure a steady release of the two fresh scents of lemon and orange, from the first wash cycle to the last. In addition, the unique Duo-Perls technology neutralises unpleasant odours in your dishwasher. The interior of your dishwasher will thus always smell fresh and clean.

For up to 60 wash cycles.

Somat Deo Duo-Perls

Distributes long-lasting freshness, thus neutralising odours in the dishwasher. 

Somat Rinser Lemon & Lime

Available in the scented variant Lemon & Orange, or as an odour blocker.

For perfect dishwashing results

Immediately active

Stainless steel shine

Odour neutralizer

Glass protection

Machine care

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