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Getting together makes happy!

We owe some of our happiest memories to our friends. Being together always turns boring situations into fun ones. Having strong bonds and good relationships with your dearest doesn’t only make you happier, it also reduces stress and is healthier for you. That‘s a fact.

Enjoying quality time together with your family and friends is a source of true happiness as well. Because togetherness is everything. Isn’t it? Thinking about happy moments in our lives often leads to situations we shared with our loved ones. The kitchen parties in your first own apartment or the big dinner with the whole family at grandma’s 80th birthday. You name it.

Enjoy happy times together

It is the way we deal with difficult situations that shapes our satisfaction: If we can master challenges well, we are happier. Especially in these times our family and friends are crucial. They provide support and security. And reassure that you are not isolated with your problems. Dealing with them together not only reduces anxiety and stress but also increases joy in life. That is why we should always strive for a good relationship with our dearest.

Because nothing beats a true friend. But we need to take care of it, especially now. The given circumstances limit our possibilities, but video calls and social media are a good way to stay in touch. You can’t eat together? No problem. Plan a big meal with your friends, start a video call that each of them can join and you'll have a big group of people enjoying lunch together. Stay connected and strengthen your friendship. Social eating even works in Covid times and simply makes you happy.  

Never cook alone!

Cooking is just like eating. You have to be careful with meeting too many people and yet you can spend time together. And also cook together. It's still a while to the next big BBQ. But who cares? Video calls also work in the garden. Or start a chat room to share your latest cooking tips. The digitalization creates so many opportunities to be together, even if you're not. Take advantage of it!

As you can still meet one friend, invite your best buddy over for a cookout. Try a recipe you've never cooked before. Be curious and explore new flavors. You could even get creative and have a raclette or fondue. And as a dessert idea you could get a chocolate fountain and dip in some sliced fruits. These are perfect meals to share with your dearest which definitely will result in some memories of happiness.

Cook together, eat together, #EnjoyTogether!

Enjoying time with your friends doesn’t end at the dining table. Stop watching stories – create them. Board games are back in vogue. If you don't like playing, go out and do something in nature. Start jogging or cycling together. Doing sports makes you happy and is healthy of course. And it’s a lot of fun. Set common goals that you want to achieve together. This is how you create stories for life and strengthen your friendship.

You want to do something with your family? What about a joint project that everyone can collaborate on? Like redesigning your kitchen. Clean out, throw away, and think about what will make your kitchen more beautiful. Changes are important. They make you happy. And if everyone cooperates, you’re faster and the whole family benefits. Because a joint project involves work from everyone. And is something that lasts forever.

As strong as our friendship

Since we've been talking about sharing in all sorts of situations, let's take it to the next level. So, everyone can get something out of it. We have partnered up with (NGO) and will donate one meal for every Pril or Somat product purchased during the month of happiness. You can also share a product by participating in our social media challenge

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Organization is king!

The secret of a clean-looking kitchen is organizing the dishes! It doesn’t only help your cooking space look cleaner, but it also makes the clean-up much easier. Try to ask each of your friends or family members to take care of a certain dish. This saves time and allows you to have more time for fun.

Find the daily ideas to join #MyHappyRecipe challenge!

  1. Experience: Cook a new desert with your family and share the picture
  2. Aim: Have a family diner & share your key achievement target goals for upcoming year
  3. Give: Share the recipe details about your prefer meal ever & see what your friends enjoy it
  4. Eat well: Cook healthy smoothy for your family with their preferred fruits & veggies and share the coloreful picture
  5. Socialize: Have a remote diner with friends & share picture of it
  6. Exercise: Have a break, take fresh air & share a picture
  7. Thank: Share appreciation to the people you will speak with today & thanking them for something they do, and you enjoy the most

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Afraid of the mess? Dont be!

After you've finshed your #enjoytogether moment you don't need to worry about the dirty dishes.
With Somat even thoughest dirt like grease and burnt-in is removed, so your dishes get easily and perfectly clean again.

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